Weirdest Android Apps of All Time

Weirdest Android Apps of All Time

Now that Android phones have been around for a few years, it’s time to take a look at the weirdest apps of all time.  Perhaps you’ve seen or even downloaded one or more of them, but rest assured, it really doesn’t get any weirder.  Here’s a list of five of the weirdest of all time:

The Nothing App

This app, introduced two years ago, does exactly what it promises- nothing!  In a time where software developers are looking for the next big app, this one proudly flaunts its uselessness with a message stating, “Hello!  This app does nothing.  Just as it was supposed to.  Thanks for installing.  Bye!”  Certainly a weird app that existentialists and nihilists will appreciate without a doubt.


This app, while sure to disgust many people, has some medical merit.  Indeed, keeping track of your bowel movements is not something most people do, the developers of this app use medical differentiations and terms to help used identify the type and frequency of their #2’s.  This app not only promises to help the user diagnose many digestive issues through the analysis of their droppings, but also gives them the opportunity to do so in a way that creates a “log” of a different sort.  In this way, a person can track their digestive health day-by-day, bowel movement by bowel movement.

Ghost Radar

This app is the latest to arrive on the heels of the extreme popularity of ghost hunting television shows and the like.  It’s designed around the premise that anyone can hunt for ghosts.  It gives users the ability to “see” ghosts on a radar screen as well as receive words that are chosen by the ghosts for communicating with the living.  Though there is no scientific proof that the accessories contained in this app actually work, many people claim to have encountered spirits and phantoms from the other side while using this app.  It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but this app certainly qualifies as “weird”.

Don’t Push It!

This app is for people who are always doing the opposite of what they are told.  While it is tempting for the non-conformist, anti-authority crowd to see a large red button with the words “Do Not Push It” written on it, most people who download this app will not be able to resist!  This app lacks much else, but if you’re looking for unique and weird, you’ve got it with “Don’t Push It!”

Pimple Popper

This app satisfies the deep down urge that many have when they see a pimple on their face.  It lets users pop a virtual pimple while building patience and skill so as not to create a “bleeder” or scab.  Many will find this internet app totally weird and disgusting, and certainly they should.  But there’s just something about revisiting your teen years and getting rid of pimples and blemishes with skill and grace that appeals to tens of thousands of people, as this is the number of downloads currently.

While these five apps are at the top of the heap so to speak as the weirdest around, there is no doubt that weirder apps will surface in the future.  It’s just a matter of time and human ingenuity.