Top 4 Snacks for Diabetics

Top 4 Snacks for Diabetics

When you or a loved receives a diagnosis of diabetes, it can be disheartening. Living with diabetes is challenging in many ways, but in other ways it can be a rewarding journey. It forces you to take control of your health, your diet, and your lifestyle. Many people who make the changes necessary to control their blood sugar levels report feeling better, weight loss, and better overall health. 

Knowing which foods you can safely snack on when you have diabetes is one key to managing the disease without feeling deprived. Eating several snacks throughout the day is actually preferred for diabetics rather than limiting yourself to three large meals per day. Enjoying small, frequent meals and snacks helps the body to maintain steady blood sugar levels, which is healthier than the spikes and lows caused by less frequent meals. Here are four excellent snack options:

  1. Low Fat String Cheese. Dairy products such as string cheese are packed with protein, which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. 
  2. Natural Nuts. Like cheese, nuts contain protein and also have healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Be sure your nuts are natural, however, and don't contain a lot of added honey or salt.
  3. Raw Vegetables. Vegetables are one of the few foods diabetics can have safely in limitless amounts. Try cucumbers, broccoli, or cherry tomatoes. If you need a little extra pizzazz, use a fat-free vegetable dip or dressing--just be sure to watch for sugar.
  4. Fruit Smoothies. While fruit does contain natural sugars and can spike your sugar if you aren't careful, you do still need an adequate amount of healthy sugars every day. Fruit smoothies are wonderful for those times your sweet tooth is nagging you, and they provide your body with much needed vitamins and nutrients.

                                   low fat cheese Natural nuts Raw vegetablesSmoothies

There will, of course, be times that the craving for a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream becomes virtually irresistible. It is ok to indulge every once in a while if you can control your portions, but do try to find sweet treats that are designed especially for diabetics. Many desserts can be found in sugar-free varieties that are quite similar in taste to the less healthy varieties. Talk to your doctor if you find you are struggling to control your sugar intake and ask him or her for additional tips to help you get through it. Diabetes does not have to control your life.