Three Things to Consider About a San Francisco Solar Energy Installation

Three Things to Consider About a San Francisco Solar Energy Installation

Before you start buying solar panels packages, let’s stop to consider three important factors: price, appearance and technology.  Let’s start with price.  Although you may see cheap panels for sale online, these are usually not powerful enough to handle full homes or businesses.  You need a residential or commercial San Francisco solar energy installation in order to derive the benefits.

When it comes to spending, you may spend thousands of dollars upfront if you want to buy new San Francisco solar panels.  However, some companies may also offer leasing arrangements.  The good news is that over time, you will save more money than you spend, since electric companies are getting away with murder when it comes to charging per watt.  Ask your local provider about leasing and sales options to find out what is the best deal for your family.

What about appearance?  Before buying solar panels, understand that there are laws governing the appearance of your home and the installation of these devices.  The good news is that California law guarantees you the right to have this great and earth-friendly technology at your disposal.  They actually ban organizations from discouraging this purchase.

That said, you may have to make adjustments or at least plan ahead on order to ensure that you don’t bother anyone in the neighborhood.  Now rest assured, a San Francisco solar energy installation is not noisy at all.  However, you must have adequate space for a solar panel device and you want to try to have the device blend in to the roof as much as you can, so as not to create a huge distraction. 

Lastly, let’s consider technology.  We have seen much progress made over the last several years in this technology and we can now offer it cheaply, and with greater efficiency of converting solar energy to usable electricity.  In fact, the panels being made today are expected to last upwards of 25 years, proving that long-term investment will eventually pay off. 

We are also delighted to know that more and more companies, government buildings, schools and other entities are exploring the option of this green-friendly technology.  A San Francisco solar energy installation is a great investment!  It’s not only going to save you money but it’s going to help redirect our steps back to clean and renewable energy, which is going to help us protect our planet for the short and long-term future.  Why not experience the benefits for yourself?