The Best Teams for Babies To Wear - Does Boston Win for the B?

One of the most fun things about having a baby is getting to dress them up in your favorite sports attire. Baseball caps are a great addition to your baby's adorable sporty look. There are hundreds of teams to choose from as you dress your baby, but what team stands above the rest?

One of the most popular choices of teams for babies to represent is Boston. Boston is known for their amazing fans. Boston is host to the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. Just a few miles away in Foxborough is the home of the New England Patriots. Your baby can grow up cheering for baseball, basketball and hockey all right there in Boston. Lacrosse and women's soccer also have professional teams in Boston. And on top of that, tell everyone that the B stands for baby.

Sports fans in Boston are known for their dedication to the Boston Red Sox. ESPN gives you an entire page dedicated to Boston's sports news. A Red Sox fan can usually tell you every detail of the team's history. Their home, Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark dating back to the time Babe Ruth hit numerous home runs. Boston is the only city in the US to ever win championships in all four major professional league teams in a ten year span. Many beloved players have come out of Boston that makes it easy to cheer for the team. Besides Babe Ruth, there have been many other athletes to boost the popularity. Who doesn't love Larry Bird and Bill Russell in the basketball world? The legendary Bobby Orr showed hockey fans how to play the game and earned a place in the Hall of Fame. When your baby represents Boston in their baseball caps and sports attire, they are joining a world of devout sports fans. Boston may be known for their fans and sports wins, but there are a few other popular teams that may stand out to you.

According to The Bleacher Report the New York Yankees are one of the top most popular teams in sports. They have 27 World Series championships and 43 players in the Hall of Fame. Right on their tails are the Los Angeles Lakers. Seventeen championships and 16 Hall of Famers doesn't hurt their popularity at all! Often called "America's Team," the Dallas Cowboys might have had a few tough years on the field, but in the hearts of fans they are still on top. The Cowboys had 20 straight winning seasons gaining them many devoted fans.

Dress your baby up in any team outfits that you want to, and represent your team well!

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