Siebel CTI Integration


Modern call centers benefit when the telephone is merged with the computer. This robust technology is called siebel cti integration. This marriage of technologies empowers call centers to satisfy more clients faster than ever before. Valuable client loyalty is increased and so are sales.

One of the more powerful CTI business software is the screen pop. This is a technology that will have your call center satisfying more clients and screen pops are proven to boost sales. As the client’s phone call is being transferred to the receiving rep by the IVR a screen pops on to the receiving agent’s PC screen displaying the callers account information, before she even takes the call. This gives the client a truly personalized phone experience, and services the client fast and effectively. Plus, screen pops increase sales.

Click to dial is another production CTI tool that aids call centers that make outbound calls. The days of manually entering phone numbers into telephones is over. The agent simply clicks her mouse on the phone number displayed on the computer screen to begin an outbound phone call. The amount of time saved over manually entering phone numbers into the phone is indeed huge. Your reps will make more calls and generate more sales as a result.

Another productive siebel cti integration application is coordinated call and data transfer. This allows notes to be added to a recorded phone call by one agent, who then seamlessly sends it other agents to help resolve a complex problem during a single interaction. The client benefits by not being bounced from one rep to another one, just to solve a problem.

The marriage of the phone with the computer, or CTI empowers your call center agents to solve more complex problems, satisfy more customers, and produce more sales than ever before. CTI technology allows your reps to do more, yet faster and easier than without CTI. Businesses benefit because they have added technology instead of adding more reps to their payrolls. If you intend to compete in the 21st century you must embrace CTI today.

To conclude, modern call centers benefit when they merge the phone with the computer. This combined technology is called CTI. Powerful tools like click to dial, screen pops, and coordinated call and data transfer enable call center agents to help more customers and produce more sales. Clients benefit with less on hold time because they are serviced faster.

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