Moving Forward with Santa Monica Solar Energy Systems

When considering the debates raging in Congress and the turmoil in the Middle East, it is easy to make a case for solar energy in modern America. The question has always been, “What will it take and who can afford it?” If you are considering the possibility of Santa Monica solar energy systems, the time to take advantage may have already arrived. Here is a look at the factors affecting every family’s choice in alternative energy systems.

What does it take to get access to solar energy? You need the solar panels installed to start using this power source. The panels take the sun’s rays and transfer them into usable energy. You can run appliances on this energy and even cook using solar power. Santa Monica residential solar power will require an investment in the panels themselves, but once they are installed, you won’t have to continue putting money into their use.

What does solar energy cost on a monthly basis? For homeowners skeptical of the Big Energy lobby and how it might affect solar energy, the fear that companies could get contracts for solar power and raise prices is valid. However, with the panels installed, you cannot be the victim of price gouging and other tactics of oil suppliers and gasoline producers. There is no market involved when you are dealing with Santa Monica solar energy systems attached to the roof of your home.

How can solar panels translate into real energy savings? As discussed above, solar energy can take over many jobs typically reserved for fossil fuel energy sources (heating oil, gas, etc.). Since you will be reducing your energy consumption from fossil fuels considerably, your energy bills will probably be cut in half. You have to factor this savings into the equation when making the investment, as families can pay back the entire cost of Santa Monica solar energy systems in 8-10 years.

The other big incentive is in tax breaks offered to families accessing this “green” energy source. Alternative energy use is encouraged by the government and you will end up getting tax credits in the thousands come next April. On top of that, you will see a spike in your home’s property value. Homes that consume less energy cost less to maintain, meaning they are more valuable right off the bat. Adding up all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why a solar energy system makes sense now more than ever in Santa Monica.

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