How a Portable Massage Chair Can Positively Impact Your Business

You shouldn't let the name of the portable massage chair fool you. Even if you keep it located at your spa or clinic permanently, it can still have a tremendous impact on your business. If you don't already have one, then we hope by the end of this article to convince you that you should get one as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, you already have a portable massage chair, then we hope to provide you a couple of ideas about how to use it boost your business even further. Either way, you might be in for a few pleasant surprises.

One of the main ways that a portable massage chair can boost your bottom line is by exposing your services to a wider audience of potential customers. A lot of people have heard about the benefits of massage from their favorite medical resource, but they've never experienced a professional massage for themselves. If they could get one for less money, with less of a time commitment, then maybe they'd more tangibly realize the value of setting aside more time and money for, say, a table massage the next time around. A chair massage is exactly the kind of shorter, less expensive massage that can potentially generate this kind of additional business for you.

With that in mind, one great idea that many therapists have had great success with is to take a chair to a local business (with their permission, obviously). While you're there, you can offer their employees free (or deeply discounted) chair massages. You can also pass out fliers for your spa or clinic during that time, or even coupons! In fact, you might want to bring an appointment book with you, because some of the people you work on might want to book an appointment for more work on the spot. You could even offer them some kind of further incentive for doing so, if you'd like.

Some of these chairs weigh less than some of the other ones. You should keep that in mind if you're planning on moving it around a lot. However, you should also be aware that the lighter chairs are capable of supporting less pressure than the heavier ones. In general, though, they're all around twenty-five pounds, and they all support weights between three hundred and three hundred fifty pounds. If you haven't already got one, you should strongly consider placing your order today.

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