Gold Bullion is an Asset You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Gold bullion is refined gold that is used for the purpose of investing.  It often comes in the form of bars and coins and less often today in rounds, and ingots.  It always bears a stamp of weight or value, and is most often at least .995% pure.  If you are considering investing in gold, then there is a lot to know before buying. 

Do you want coins or bars?  Both coins and bars are easy to transport and store, and both are very liquid.  Coins have the advantage of possible value increase due to rarity and popularity, though these things often take time.  Coins can also be broken up into smaller amounts or even sold by the individual coin.  Bars have the advantage of often being bought for much lower premiums than that of gold coins.  No matter which you decide to buy, however, there are plenty of advantages to owning gold in all its forms! 

No matter if in coin or bar form, gold bullion is a real asset.  Unlike your home, which needs pretty constant repair and is taxed, and your government based currency, which is just a promise from the government, gold, is a true solid asset that needs nothing further, other than perhaps a place to store it!  Gold is also timeless.  Unlike your other investments that need constant monitoring and moving around to stay ahead, gold can just remain.  In fact, it is one of the very few investments you can make for your future generations that you can be certain will still be worth something by the time you pass it on!   

There are many other reasons to love gold bullion.  One is the fact that it will still be around long after the government’s money has come to an end.  Yes, all fiat currency throughout history has eventually come to an end.  The United States and other power countries could also suffer the same fate, whether next year or 500 years from now.  When this currency finally crashes, precious metals will still be there.  It is not an extremist view to have a backup plan, it is just the smart view!  Having at least 10 to 30 percent of your assets in precious metals like gold bullion is a wise move. 

There are many coins to choose from as well as many sizes of gold bars.  If you want to add precious metals to your portfolio then contact a gold dealer who can help you get started. 

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