Giving Your Home an Asian Design Influence

Whether you are Asian or are just fascinated by Asian cultures, decorating your home with an Asian influence gives it a unique personality filled with life and style.

There are numerous ways to add Asian touches to your home’s décor. No matter which heritage captures your attention – Japanese, Chinese or Indian – you can use window shades, small accent pieces and colors to create a space that is uniquely you.

There are many types of traditional Asia décors from which to choose. What region speaks to your personality?

Japan – Sparse and Natural
Japanese décor is focused on very sparse decorations. It uses natural fibers and colors for a more subdued, tranquil vibe. The textures and colors literally come from nature. They often include: 

  • Bamboo
  • Stone Grays
  • Black and White
  • Wood 

Japanese décor also favors water for its calming effects. By including a small fountain or living wall decoration, you bring nature indoors. Shoji screens – Japanese paneled screens made out of rice paper – are often used to create separate living spaces within a single room. Keep your décor consistent, by adding window shades made out of woven bamboo.

China – Art and Intrigue
Chinese décor is focused on very artistic, eye-catching displays. Pieces are designed to intrigue and depict scenes from Chinese folklore. Each piece throughout your room should depict a story. These typically include:

  • Antique Pottery
  • Murals
  • Statues

Because Chinese culture associates red with good luck, red is incorporated as much as possible, often in the form of red walls. To create a striking, sophisticated balance in your room, use dark wood tables and chairs. Like Japanese window coverings, Chinese window shades are often made out of bamboo.

India – Vibrant and Exotic
Indian décor creates a space that is rich with history. It is vibrant and packed with tradition. Colors are rich and exotic. There is nothing subdued about this culture’s décor. They use base colors that are bold such as: 

  • Deep Red
  • Majestic Gold
  • Bright Turquoise 

Accent pieces further communicate wealth with jewel tones such as purple and orange. Look for furniture covered in ornate fabrics. Find accent pieces decorated with elephants such as statues and paintings. Translucent fabric curtains are typically used as window coverings, to keep rooms light and airy. Partner them with a neutral roller shade for times when you want additional privacy.

Though it can be more aesthetic to have one focus, don’t be afraid to pick and choose parts of each culture. Do you have a Japanese painting you love and a Chinese statue that just speaks to you? Are you smitten with bamboo window shades and have a vase shaped like an elephant you can’t part with? Use them all.

There’s no rule that says you can’t. It’s your home. It’s your space. It should be exactly what you want.  

Over time, as you and your tastes change, mix things up. Just like there’s no rule that says your room has to be decorated with only Chinese influences, there’s not rule that says you can’t swap change things up. Swap out accent pieces. Re-paint walls. Replace window coverings.

One of the best parts of decorating with Asian influences is the ease with which you can create a space to meet your needs. Add gurgling fountain to bring peace to your home. Paint a wall bright red for a little extra luck. Give your room a vibrant accent piece to liven it up. Whatever your personality needs or gravitates to, you can use Asian décor to match it.

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