Features of a Pre Employment Assessment Test

Whether you are an employer interested in giving a pre-employment assessment test to all of your potential employees or a job applicant who finds themselves taking an assessment test as part of the hiring process many people wonder what exactly these types of tests measure. There are many types of assessment tests available. Some measure emotional intelligence while others measure personality. Each of these tests is a helpful way for employers to decide whether a job candidate is right for the position they have applied for. Below are a few of the features that are measured by different types of pre-employment assessment tests.

Personality: Perhaps one of the biggest traits measured by pre-employment assessment tests is personality. Personality tests can help an employer decide whether a job applicant will be a good fit for the job and for their company. For example, if a potential employee’s personality test reveals that they work better on solo projects but the job calls for a lot of teamwork, it could be a red flag that the employee will not do well in this particular position.

Skills: All job applicants have a skill set that could possibly help them perform well with the hiring company. Skills such as project management, customer service, computer knowledge, and problem solving can all be beneficial when applying for a job. A pre-employment assessment that reveals a job applicants skill level will help employers make their final decision when they are hiring.

Interests: If an employer has specific interests that may have bearing on whether they will end up liking the position they have applied for, an employer should test for them. For example, if a potential employee has a deep interest in writing and the position entails a lot of writing and communication the job could be a very good fit for the applicant.

Managerial Qualities: Some people are naturally great at managing others while other people do much better being under someone else’s leadership. If a person is applying for a managerial position, it is a good idea to test whether or not they have some of the qualities that can make for a good manager and leader. 

Emotional Intelligence: More companies are now choosing to test for emotional intelligence largely because a person who scores low on emotional intelligence could have trouble relating to their coworkers and fellow employees. Testing for emotional intelligence is a good way for employers to get a well-rounded view on a potential job applicant.


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