Effective Ways to Display Your Treasures at Home - No Expense

Winning a trophy can be the most amazing experience of your life. That being said, such moments never come with a price tag. Why then, should displaying awards be any more costly?

Many people choose to display recognition awards in one room, like an office, where visitors can look with admiration as they pass them in the hall. Still others choose to scatter their awards about the home so that they look upon them no matter what room they are in. Wherever you choose to display your rewards, there are ways to do it creatively without dipping into your savings account.

Hanging Displays
Often, medals are displayed on flat surfaces. Make your shine with a unique hanging display. Hammer a nail into some of the rafters in the ceiling and hang your medals that way, or add a beam if desired. Hang them at different heights. You should be able to find some good scrap wood that warehouse owners often set out for free, and you can always have a friend trim it down. The finished product is well worth the effort.

Coffee Tables
This is a creative alternative to expensive frames which many people overlook. Often, coffee tables have a glass top. With a little finesse, mountings can be easily removed, leaving a flat wooden surface. Arrange your recognition rewards and your personal memorabilia as desired and replace the glass. This way, you can look down at your memories over your morning cup of coffee, and you won’t need to spend a dime doing it.

If you do not own a glass coffee table, use sites like E-bay and Craiglist to track one down. Often, sites like these have a ‘free’ section. Or ask around at work.

Shadow Box
Acquiring a shadow box is easy. Again, Craigslist and E-bay have pretty good listings, and if you have the connections, securing one free of charge should not be a problem. Shadow boxes are basically boxes with a glass partition over them. They allow observers to look in at whatever is in the box, but only you can decide whether or not they touch it.

You may decide to present your awards in the order of having received them. If not, any approach will do, including random placement. Shadow boxes are available in all different sizes to match your needs, both in terms of storage capacity, and placement in the home.

Everyone has a few fishing hooks lying around. If you don’t, borrow some from a friend. Instead of using twine, or in some cases rope, using fishing line and hooks can give the appearance of your rewards suspending themselves in mid-air. The allure is derived from the fact that such things are not possible, and displays of such nature often catch the eyes in an instant.

This may be a good approach to take if you plan to sell off your memorabilia. You might even hang your rewards in a window. If you are going with the hanging approach, designating one room entirely to your trophy collection would be the best way to go. Using the hooks, you can either hook them into the wall or feed them through convenient holes in the items that you wish to display. This type of approach works best if you suspend your trophies against a wall.

Use a Mannequin
Mannequins often scare people, but if you have a soft place in your heart for them, they can add a LOT of dimension to your trophy room. Contact local clothing outlets and ask them for any retired models that you can obtain for the purpose. Once you have one, you can dress it in your winning jersey and trophy from the accompanying game. Depending on your ring size, you may also be able to slide a trophy ring onto its finger.

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