Cottage Style, Why is This Such a Popular Design Style?

A particular design style that has become very popular in interior design is the cottage style. This unique design style began as vacation homes, or cottages, were filled with mixed and matched items from various places.

Over time, the cottage style evolved from a collage of pieces to a popular design style. Homes with a cottage style tend to feel minimalistic and pure. The shear bones of the structure and a few accents give the space a calm relaxed environment. It's no wonder that this traditional way of decorating has stood the tests of time.

There are many elements to cottage style design that can make any home feel fresh and inviting. Exposed or painted wood walls and/or ceiling are a perfect way to bring the outside indoors.

Distressed pieces of furniture are also a charming element that can be incorporated into cottage style design. Weathered furnishings add a sense of grandeur to a room because of the perceived value and age. Although cottage style design uses minimal pieces to achieve a natural look, it wouldn't be complete without a neutral color scheme. Tan, beige, eggshell, and white are the perfect colors to use in a cottage style home.

This neutral palette is clean and inviting to anyone who steps into the space. Don't be afraid to add a splash of color here and there throughout the space to help keep things warm. Antique light fixtures compliment a natural color scheme and will take center stage in a cottage style home. A beautiful chandelier with pearls won't appear to gaudy in a simple cottage style room. The fun thing about cottage style decor is that you can scour local garage sales, estate sales, and thrift shops to find the perfect piece to add to your space.

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