An Introduction to Net Energy Metering with San Diego Solar Energy Systems

While Net Energy Metering (NEM) is just one program out of several that offer incentives for Californians to go solar, it is a significant program that many San Diego residents are taking advantage of. With rising and unpredictable electricity costs, NEM has become a vital method for offsetting the cost of electricity bills. Homeowners interested in San Diego solar energy systems should look into NEM and other programs that ensure that the installation of solar panels is well worth the upfront costs.

NEM is essentially a billing arrangement made between customers who own San Diego solar energy systems and their local utility companies. The utility company pays full retail value for any surplus energy that their customers’ solar system generates. The electric meter on your home will keep track of how much energy your home uses and how much surplus energy is sent back to the utility grid.

Under NEM, the cost of energy that you use from your utility company will be offset by the surplus energy that your San Diego residential solar system produces. If your system produces more energy than your home requires, then you will not need to rely on any utility-produced electricity at all and will actually make a profit from your solar system!

NEM provides a reliable way for solar energy system owners to zero-out their electricity bills while receiving full retail rate credit for any excess energy that their system produces. Since your home’s electric meter provides the readings that this system is based on, you can be sure about the accuracy of the reports created that show how much electricity is generated and consumed. This has the added benefit of providing information on just how efficient your solar energy system is. This way, you can make adjustments as needed to optimize the system for greater efficiency and overall cost savings.

Now that San Diego solar energy systems are incredibly cost-effective, a growing number of San Diego residents are joining in on the effort to create a clean environment for the health of the planet and for future generations. Verengo Solar has become the leading solution for moving away from nonrenewable, polluting energy sources. Self-sufficient, low maintenance solar systems make more sense than ever. You can begin to utilize the sun’s energy by talking with a solar expert today. A customized solution that works well for your home and your personal energy needs will be created so that you can enjoy many years of sustainable energy use.

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