Advanced Job Assessment Test Features

A basic job assessment test, although useful to some extent, is usually going to provide you with little more than an overall score achieved by an applicant. There are a number of other features that would make such an assessment far more useful. One of those features would be the flexibility to assess individual competencies. While there are a number of behavioral factors that are going to be relevant to any given position, there are obviously some of these that are going to be more important to you than others. Thus, an advanced piece of assessment software should be adaptable to that.

Another difference between a basic job assessment test and a more advanced one has to do with the way results information is presented and explained. With regard to the presentation of that information, it should be very visual. When information is presented in a visual manner, it is much easier to digest that information quickly. Of course, you also need to be able to understand what you’re looking at, so links should be available which would enable you to drill down further and further into explanations of why the software is showing you the results that it is, and how it arrived at the conclusions that are being presented.

Another important result of understanding the way your job assessment test software works is that you will be able to use it all the more effectively. Ideally, your software should make your hiring decisions as simple and clear as possible. You may not be using such a piece of software exclusively, but the whole point of having it to begin with is to make those very decisions easier. That being the case, a program that will both clearly label applicants on various levels of recommendation, and justify those levels with detailed explanations would serve its intended purpose far more effectively than one that simply displays a score.

If you’re going to invest in this kind of software anyway, it makes perfect sense that you’re going to want to reap the best possible return on your investment. After all, as you probably already realize, losing employees for any reason, and thus having to hire new ones to replace them, can get really expensive really quickly. The kind of assessment software we’ve been describing is designed to prevent exactly that by dramatically increasing your odds of hiring the best possible candidates for your positions in the first place.

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