Cardio Party Fitness Studio

Giving you the best workout of your life, Cardio Party Fitness Studio is quickly becoming the best way to give your body the workout it needs while giving you a great time!  Ditch the traditional Southington gym and any ‘lose weight’ schemes you may have heard of.  Let a fun and professional staff show you how at!

With two fantastic locations in Avon and Southington, ZUMBA classes are available for everyone at this one of a kind body sculpting studio!

Offering you classes six days a week, you will understand why ZUMBA has changed so many lives.  It doesn’t feel like exercise!  Join the party today and begin dancing those pounds away.  No matter how busy your schedule is, you can be sure that there is a class that fits it.

In addition to Zumba they also offer Body Sculpting classes and you will notice results right away!  Your body will experience an increase in muscle strength, metabolism and muscle tone.  You will receive the first class workout that any individual may receive from an expensive personal trainer without having to shell out the money.  Come check out one of their classes today to begin transforming your body, your spirit and your confidence.

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