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70% of people want to be actively involved in managing their finances.

Like many of us, you may want to save for retirement and your children's college education, but while managing the household's day-to­day expenses, it may seem difficult to juggle it all. Money Talks seminars can help busy parents to begin thinking about and preparing for their family's longer-term financial goals while handling the nearterm ones. Covering topics like budgeting, credit and debt, the importance of protecting one's family, the rising costs of college, and saving for retirement, this seminar series can help your family take the next step in making your dreams a reality.
Come meet with other parents in your community to learn about financial concepts that may be very important to your family. Some topics that may be discussed include:

• Protecting your family
• Budgeting
• Role that credit and debt play in finances
• Inflation
• College savings
• Rising costs of college

• Saving for retirement
• Longevity considerations and healthcare in retirement

Presented By
Ian Seidner And Josh Lubas
Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services Co.
Guest Speakers: Attorney - Kishore Kapoor &
Marc Meglio - Homebridge Financial

  • When: Wed Oct. 17
    5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

  • Address: 409 Canal Street
    Southington CT,US 06467

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