Southington Public Parks

Take your kids to the park in Southington, Connecticut.
Southington Recreation and Park DestinationsWhich Are the Best?

There is a variety of parks in Southington that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. There are large parks and wide open land here that people and their pets can enjoy. Let us start with a complete list of public parks in the area. Public locations in the town include Panthorn Park, the Southington Little League Fields, and the Veterans Memorial Park. Many consider the Recreation Park, the Crescent Lake Trail and the Dog Park to be the best destinations to visit. Why?

Let’s consider the Southington Recreation Park first. This is the park where all major sports are enjoyed. Youth or adults can enjoy playing softball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball and volleyball. Courts and large fields are provided. In addition to these activities, you can also enjoy swimming pools, gazebos, bocce courts, picnic tables and concession stands. There is an area for young children, a duck pond, and even an ice skating rink on-site!

Next on the list is the Crescent Lake Southington area. Here, guests can enjoy outdoor sports, such as boating, bow hunting and hiking. There are also kayaking tours, canoeing, fishing and sailing. There are some rules that guests must follow and no swimming is allowed in the lake. However, there is plenty of fun to be had with the boat tours. You can bring your own boat, provided it has an electric motor.

Lastly, there’s the Southington Dog Park. While you can bring your dog to the aforementioned parks, this is a park specially made for your canine friends. This fenced public area is a place where you can let your dogs play off-leash and interact with other dogs. You must supervise your dog as this happens. If your dog is timid, then you can use a separate fenced part of the park to let them roam without fear.

The parks in Southington are pleasant diversions that keep residents and tourists happy all year-round.

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