Mount Southington Ski Area

Go skiing on Mount Southington in Southington, Connecticut.
Come Enjoy Mount Southington Skiing this Winter in CT!

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to come visit Southington; you know, the museums, parks, restaurants and so on. Then there’s the reason that might actually get you and the kids out of bed at eight in the morning! That’s right, Mount Southington skiing. The Mount Southington facility offers 14 large ski trails for skiers of all ages. Not only are pro-level skiers welcome, but even novices are welcomed with open arms (or let’s say, open gloves).

Mount Southington offers a terrain park called the “Drop Zone” as well as a rental shop on-site. There are also instructors employed by the park that will help new skiers learn the mountain and basic skiing skills. Experienced riders will be helped to hone their skills in a short matter of time. As for pro-skiers, well, they are just given miles of skiing and Southington snowboarding terrain to explore.

Remember that there are classes of ski slopes that will be appropriate for newcomers, moderate skiers and experienced skiers. Pay close attention to the marked trails and make sure all of your equipment is properly suited. You also want to familiarize yourself with the code of good skiing. That is: always stay in control, give others ahead of you the right of way, do not stop anywhere that you could obstruct the course, look uphill and yield to others (especially when going downhill) and observe all signs.

The Mount Southington ski terrain has 14 different courses, each one requiring different abilities from skiers. Slopes like the Northstar, Snowflake, Stardust and Whoopee were created for beginners. Slopes like Avalanche, Liftline, Boomerang and Steeplechase were designed for experienced skiers who know how to handle difficult terrain. Then there are expert-level courses like Thunderbolt and Tester, which require experienced skiers.

You can stay for the education and the outdoor spots, but when you come to Southington, make time for the premier attraction—Mount Southington ski fun!

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