Southington Historic Sights

Apples have long been a part of the culture in Southington, Connecticut.
What Are the Best Southington Historic Sights and Sites?

There are numerous sights to see in Southington, just as there are many historical sites that open a window to the past. This is a story steeped in military and colonial history. Though the town started out as a small rural community existing mainly for farming, it quickly grew into a major manufacturing center. By the early 20th century, it was one of the most productive and industrial towns in the nation. Some of the town’s innovations include carriage bolt cutting machines, break-neck rattraps and waterproof cement.

The town gradually became internationally famous for “the orchards at Southington,” and to this day, apples are one of its major exports. The small town produces a wide variety of apples and throws an annual Harvest Festival in the month of October. Residents and tourists alike are encouraged to stop by in October and pick up apple fritters and other apple foods.

One of the truly must-see sites is the Barnes Museum, CT. It is located on North Main Street right in the heart of the town. The house is a museum and celebration of times past, and has been made up to look like a 1700s style American home. Inside, you can also find historic diaries and letters from the Civil War era. The museum is not only a culturally rich experience but also a learning experience.

In addition to these historic sites, visitors can also arrange for a historic walking tour and see several Southington historic sights and historic houses. Some of the buildings and exterior sections of the town on the itinerary include the Old State House, the Wadsworth Museum, Stone Field, Bushnell Park, the Soldiers and Sailors Arch, and the Corning Fountain. Get some exercise while a tour guide explains the significance of this town. Indeed, this is a progressive town (as it is self-named) but also provides a fascinating glimpse into the past.

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