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What is there to know about this humble Connecticut town, whose international recognition comes from apple orchards? There is plenty of history to tell when it comes to the town of Southington, CT and its origins. This territory, part of Hartford County, was first established in the year 1779, shortly after the U.S. declared its independence. Though this was the modern start of Southington, its history dates back to many years earlier.

Samuel Woodruff was the first white settler to find the area. He came from Farmington and settled in Panthorne (alternatively called Panthorn). The settlement grew, developed, and later came to be called South Farmington. The abbreviation soon became Southington, and so history was written. The economy developed rapidly and by the 1800s, there was already major industrial factories making money.

Today, as you read more about Southington information, you will realize that this community is a “microcosm” of our national heritage. It is the typical and idealized U.S. town. For 36.8 miles the land continues, making it one of the larger towns in Connecticut. Guests can arrange for walking tours throughout sections of the town.

There are also several Southington parks, including public parks like Crescent Lake, Panthorn Park, Recreation Park, Southington Dog Park, Veterans Memorial Park and Southington Little League Fields. There are 8 major recreational features to speak of, including among others, the Mount Southington Ski Area, the Southington Country Club and the Pine Valley Golf Course.

Whether you are visiting this town for the first time or are moving the family here permanently, there is always opportunity. The most important industries in the town are construction, metal, finance or insurance and healthcare. There are also job opportunities in educational institutions, food services and professional and technical services. Notable attractions include the Barnes Museum, the House of Game and Laser Storm.

Come see Southington and discover why it’s both a town of history and modern day entertainment!

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